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Trudeau 12M - Spring Cup 2015
Backwater Bay YC
" The Spring series having now finished and being won by Kristaly
She will be collecting a trophy at our end of year
Presentation evening to be held at the Backwater Bay Yacht Club "
  Trudeau 12M - Summer Cup 2015  
" The Summer Races were won by Kristaly adding to her success in the Spring Races
So many congratulations to Kristaly a super fast competitor
Congratulations to Sue as well for her first win in this series "
Twelve Meter Regatta
The North Sea
(Sail for Life Event)
  Blue Lagoon Marina Open Regatta  
26 août 2015  
13 janvier 2016  
20 janvier  
Hotlaps on Tour
  Flying Manta YC - Seychelles Isles  
Samedi 02 janvier 2016
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